A gist of the life of
Shri Shankar Chaudhary

Shankar Chaudhary is a man of few words and a personality of many attributes. He has always been inclined towards the betterment and economic upliftment of every part of the country. His attitude towards serving the people and expecting nothing in return has made him a leader that the masses look up to.

He served as Minister of State for Urban Housing, Health, Family Welfare, Transport, Medical Education and Urban Development, Chairman of Banas Bank & Chairman of Banas Dairy.

Born on 3rd December 1970 to proud parents- Lagdhirbhai Chaudhary and Ratanben Chaudhary, Shankar Chaudhary has always been inclined towards the betterment and economic upliftment of every part of the country. He began his political career at the young age of 27. Through selfless deeds and putting others before him, he has proved to be a Karmyogi in true sense.

He has served as a helping hand to all those with a vision to take this country forward. After he became a core member of BJP in Gujarat, his sole agenda has been the upliftment of both urban and rural economies. He joined the RSS in 1988 inspired by its core value of selfless service to the society. Since, giving back to the society was his goal; politics was a natural transition for him.

He became proactive towards his political career in 1997. He was elected as an MLA in 1998 for the Radhanpur Assembly constituency. After that, there was no looking back. He has served as the Minister of State in the Gujarat Government and during his tenure; he initiated many welfare programmes while being instrumental in setting up and upgrading various social infrastructure.

A leader of masses, he was a four-term Member of Legislative Assembly, having represented Radhanpur (1998-2012) and Vav (2012-17) Legislative Assembly Constituencies.

Shankar Chaudhary has taken up several responsibilities and important positions like Minister of State for Urban Housing, Health, Family Welfare, Transport, Medical Education and Urban Development, Chairman of Banas Bank & Chairman of Banas Dairy.

Minister of State for Urban Housing, Health, Family Welfare, Transport, Medical Education and Urban Development 2014-2016 & 2016-2017

During his tenure:

  • The improvement of health infrastructure in Gujarat state was taken up as a priority.
  • With 28 outstanding monuments and 2696 important buildings, the city of Ahmedabad was declared as India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City amongst several other applications. The nomination of Ahmedabad was supported by 20 other countries from all over the world.
  • The metro project was conceptualised and commissioned. This project is set to solve a lot of traffic and commute related issues that the city faces.
  • The development and upliftment of every district in the state of Gujarat was given maximum importance.
Chairman of Banas Bank 2006-2016

During his tenure:

  • The rate of interest on the loans given to farmers was reduced from 12% to 1%.
  • The rate of interest for crop loans was reduced from 13% to 4% and further from 4% to 1% for the farmers who were regular with repaying their loans.
  • Sons of the farmers, who were willing to pursue medical education (MBBS) were provide ₹10 lakh and those willing to pursue medical education abroad were provided special financial assistance of ₹20 lakh. For female students, 1% interest education loan was provided.
  • Modern banking facilities like RTGS, NEFT, SMS alert and an ATM in a co-operative bank were provided to the account holders.
  • Central Government beneficiary schemes like Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana were provided to the account holders and shareholders of the bank.
  • The account holders who purchased Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana were provided with the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana at no extra cost. 15,000 account holders purchased and availed the benefits of this Central Government insurance policy.
  • An assistance of approximately ₹ 94 lakh was provided to the beneficiaries in a single year.
  • An accidental insurance policy of ₹ 1 lakh was provided to the bank’s employees and stakeholders. And in case any of them died in an accident, then the kin of the deceased would be provided an assistance of ₹1 crore.
  • With his support as the then Chairman of the Bank, a land owned by the government with a valuation of ₹ 10 crores was sold at a cost of ₹ 80 lakh. This land was then used to set up the bank’s headquarters.
  • The Banas Bank secured a banking license from the Reserve Bank of India. It received an ISO Certification and got its books audited by NABARD.
  • Banking was simplified as micro-ATM facilities were made available in 10 milk cooperative societies and other co-operative societies of the district.
  • During demonetisation, a special request to arrange new currency notes in required volumes was made to the Reserve Bank of India which ensured minimum inconvenience to the members of the bank.
  • They adopted new age technologies like Core Banking Solutions and Adherence of RBI norms.
  • As part of CSR activity, notebooks were provided to the sons of farmers at subsidised rate; medical camps were organised to ensure better health facilities and special assistance was provided during natural calamities.
  • Development of the bank as a whole brought about the following changes:
    • The share value increased by ₹ 34 crore, a 230% increase during the period of 2006 (₹ 26 crore) to 2016 (₹ 60 crore).
    • The reserves of the bank increased by ₹ 60 crore, a 276% increase during the period of 2006 (₹ 34 crore) to 2016 (₹ 94 crore).
    • The deposits in the bank increased by ₹ 892 crore, a 354% increase during the period of 2006 (₹ 352 crore) to 2016 (₹ 1,244 crore).
    • The credit of the bank increased by ₹607 crore, a 256% increase during the period of 2006 (₹ 388 crore) to 2016 (₹ 995 crore).
    • The profit of the bank increased by ₹ 3.2 crore, a 160% increase during the period of 2006 (₹ 5.30 crore) to 2016 (₹ 8.50 crore).
    • The working capital of the bank increased by ₹ 1,207 crore, a 292% increase during the period of 2006 (₹ 628 crore) to 2016 (₹ 1,835 crore).
  • The Government of Gujarat declared the year 2014-15 as the ‘Agriculture Development Year’ and as part of this; they declared 6% reduction in the interest rate for the loan provided to the farmers. Banas Bank was at the forefront to implement these farmer-friendly policies which benefitted many farmers of the district.
Chairman of Banas Dairy, Asia’s largest co-operative dairy (2015-Present)

During his tenure:

  • Non-dairy farmers like beekeepers and potato farmers were assisted by producing honey and potato products at Banas Dairy and marketing them under AMUL brand.
  • India’s largest cheese plant with state-of-the-art technology was set up at Banas Dairy.
  • The average yield of Banas Dairy soared to a massive 55 lakh litres owing to new technology.
  • The fodder fed to the cattle is scientifically prepared to keep the fat of the milk intact.
  • It was ensured that every milk collection and milk storage facility that procured milk from Banas Dairy, received an ISO Certification.
  • Continuous savings in the process of the milk delivery systems and using renewable energy as a source to power the plant saved a hefty amount of more than 15 crores.

When philanthropy & hard work pay off

Right from the day Shankar Chaudhary began his political career, he has been involved in various philanthropic activities. Since the beginning, his goal has been clear- amelioration of the people around him.

In this journey, Shankar Chaudhary has taken up numerous responsibilities and left no stone unturned when it comes to doing good for the country and the people. For his self-less efforts and magnanimous work, Shankar Chaudhary has been felicitated with prestigious awards and has been recognized as a man who works for the people.

The UNO International Social Harmony Award 2006:

There were multiple parts of the state of Gujarat which were lacking proper educational infrastructure. Shankar Chaudhary took the prime responsibility in initiating multiple projects that could benefit the education of the youth. He commissioned and regulated the operations to set up educational institutes like Girls’ College, Girls’ Hostel, Primary School, PTC Colleges & Sainik School. This deed earned him the UNO International Social Harmony Award.

The then Governor of Gujarat- Nawal Kishore Sharma presented him with the award.

The NDDB Dairy Excellence Award 2017:

Shankar Chaudhary incorporated new technology and methods which increased the yield of milk production at Banas Dairy. The average yield soared to a colossal quantity of 55 lakh litres per day.  This not only increased the efficiency, but also helped the dairy save a lot of fund. For this remarkable achievement, the Banaskantha District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Limited was awarded with the Dairy Excellence Award by NDDB.

Shankar Chaudhary, the chairman of Banas Dairy, accepted this award from the NDDB. Shri Vijay Rupani, the Chief Minister of Gujarat presented this award to him.