• When peril struck Banaskantha

    it felt like it was my humble duty to take every step I can, to make it better for the residents
  • I share the dream of a better India

    with the brave warriors protecting the border and sacrificing their lives to make this country a safe place to live in.
  • With Amit Shah, the President of BJP,

    thanking him for a stellar leadership that motivates all of us to accomplish our goals.
  • Honoring our beloved PM

    for his vision of rural development, during the opening ceremony of Banas Dairy’s Cheese Manufacturing Unit.

Shri Shankar Chaudhary,
a son of the soil

From a humble family of farmers, Lagdhirbhai Chaudhary and Ratanben Chaudhary, to the Chairman of Asia’s largest dairy, the journey has never been easy for Shankar Chaudhary. Born and brought up in a rural environment, he always looked forward for the betterment of rural India in every way possible. This journey included many milestones and achievements for he has always accepted challenges heads-on, scripted many stories of success, and inspired many to do the same.

Development at the Grassroots

The Peril in Banaskantha

The Zero Point Initiative

Motivation to the Youth

Affordable & accessible healthcare

Education for one and all

Strengthening Rural Economy

An initiative to provide the ‘Vadi’ people with a community of their own.

The Vadi community is a collective group that consists of ‘Madaris’ and ‘Snake Charmers’. Shankar Chaudhary put in efforts to provide this community with a space of their own wherein they could evolve and make a better future for themselves. Shankar Chaudhary donated more than 8 acres of his land to the betterment of this community.

An insight into the life of Shankar Chaudhary

With a constant goal to provide the citizens with what they deserve and a vision to make this country a better place to live in, Shankar Chaudhary has selflessly devoted himself to work for the benefit of the people. Time and again he has taken up every challenge and looked at it as an opportunity to make a difference.

In his political & social journey, Shankar Chaudhary has always taken lead in making lives easier for all.

Have a look at the Karm Path of Shri Shankar Chaudhary

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